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The 21st Century Public Library

The 21st Century Public Library

Traditionally recognized for books and children’s programming, the public library has evolved.  Today it is a cornerstone of the community that benefits everyone.  Residents of all ages rely on their public library to provide what they need to face the future with the resilience that comes from new knowledge, information, skills, and abilities.   

This publication is aimed at ensuring that municipal managers understand the many ways in which the 21st century public library contributes to municipal efforts to build healthy, resilient and sustainable communities.  

It must be recognized that the significant community benefits of public libraries are only possible because of responsible stewardship by library boards and the enduring commitment of municipalities, aided by the Province of Ontario.  By working together, library boards and municipal councils provide responsive and innovative library service that meets the needs of Ontario residents.  Municipal managers are well-positioned to facilitate this important collaboration. 

“Libraries and municipalities are natural partners.  We respect the Board’s legal autonomy, but recognize that we serve the same community and have compatible objectives.  Wherever possible – in formulating budgets, in developing policies, or in delivering programs – we work together to provide value-added service to our customers.”      

~ Don Boyle, CAO, Haldimand County

The brochure is available for download in English and French: