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The Archambault Shared Collection

The Archambault shared collection just got a lot more interesting. With the announcement of the addition of the publishing group SOGIDES, we now have access to fifteen imprints. Nearly 300 new titles have recently been added to our collection.

SOGUIDES catalogue series poster

(Where the titles pictured are a part of a series, the entire series has been purchased.)

We have also been able to select titles by Danny Lafrenière, Alice Munro, Louise Lacoursière, Benjamin Fauçon, and France Barbeau.

The Sogides Publishing Group catalogue includes the following publishers:

  • 10 sur 10 –fiction
  • De la Bagnole –fiction
  • La Griffe – dog books
  • Le Jour – self help
  • Les Editions de l’Homme – non-fiction, cooking, psychology, self-help
  • Les editions de l’Hexagone – fiction
  • Les presses libres – erotica
  • Libres expressions – fiction, some non-fiction
  • Logiques – non-fiction and some fiction
  • Publistar – self help, new age
  • Recto / verso – fiction, mostly YA
  • Stanke – some fiction, biography, non-fiction
  • Trecarre – fiction
  • Typo – fiction – lots of classic titles
  • VLB editeur – mix of titles