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Benefits of E-Resources Training

With the introduction of the core suite (Tier 1) of e-resources in 2011, SOLS has been providing free online training to all public library staff in Ontario. Over 1800 staff members have taken Compass 101, and over 300 have taken Compass 201.

What are the benefits of this type of training?  See below! We have collected feedback from Compass 101 and 201 graduates.

The bottom line: staff awareness = patron awareness.


I have noticed how much more I am promoting and recommending all of these e-sources to my customers for a multitude of reasons. Two being: I am more comfortable with the databases and what they offer and how to use them but more importantly: I know they’re there! To be honest, I had no idea just how much was available – and now that I am more familiar with them I am more comfortable showing them to my customers. This course has helped a lot and in turn has helped so many of my customers who are now also using these resources! So it has been beneficial to more than just us “students”!

Looking forward to the next course!                    

(Sabrina Brown, Waterloo Public Library)


I have learned so much by taking this course. I find it is easier to have a question to answer when exploring the different databases rather than just looking at them. It gave me a purpose and I was able to see the results. I will be sharing this course and the information with my colleagues.

(Brenda Reindl, Oakville Public Library)


I only recently got my job at the library so I didn’t know about many of these databases. This course was a quick and easy way to familiarize myself and learn some tips and tricks that I wouldn’t have known about if I experimented on my own.

 (Jessica Singh, Idea Exchange Cambridge)


Although I was initially familiar with some of the e-Resources, this course provided a more in-depth and broader information base regarding many more resources. The weekly format was manageable and being able “to work ahead” made time management more efficient throughout the ten weeks. Many questions and areas of discussion have been “sparked” from the Compass course with colleagues, and this ultimately broadens the interest and/or knowledge of all staff members.

The course has met its objectives and beyond for participants and the patrons we serve in our local libraries. I have used the E-Resources Question Pool and highly recommend it to maintain and enrich e-research skills obtained from this course.

(Joann Larin, Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry County Library)


The next round of Compass 101 runs from May 4 – July 10To register, visit Learn HQ.