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Wendy Newman Library Leadership Award: APLL Recognized

On June 11, I was fortunate to attend a retirement gathering at the U of T iSchool for Wendy Newman. This was Wendy’s second retirement since she also retired from the position of CEO of Brantford Public Library. It was a very heartwarming event where many people recounted their “Wendy stories”. They ranged from the personal and touching to the headline grabbing SARS epidemic of the joint CLA/ALA conference of 2003. I had forgotten that Wendy had been CLA President that year! The event served to confirm a few things for me. Wendy Newman has been a tireless advocate for libraries, especially public libraries, and library leadership. What sets her apart is her passion, tireless drive and empathy. She refuses to accept anything but excellence!

She leaves behind quite the legacy in librarianship: CEO of Brantford PL, Senior Fellow at the iSchool, instructor for the Public Library Leadership Fellows Program. As a grand finale, Wendy and her husband have established the Wendy Newman Library Leadership Award. They are matching donations up to $25,000 towards the establishment of this award at the iSchool for its alumni. We are fortunate that she has named APLL (Advancing Public Library Leadership) as an example of one of the eligible Leadership Programs.

This is a big moment for SOLS. To have APLL recognized in this way speaks to the credibility and reputation of the program. and all the APLL graduates have played a part in this. SOLS would like to take this opportunity to thank the APLL graduates for the good work they do, day in and day out, and also for speaking highly of APLL when opportunities arise. 

You can donate to this fund at University of Toronto website.