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Ontario’s Culture Strategy

By now, you may have heard that Ontario is developing the first culture strategy, ever, for the province. The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport wants to hear from Ontarians what their vision of arts and culture is. This is a chance for public libraries, one of the four culture sectors supported by MTCS, to inform and shape this strategy.

SOLS’s own Anne Marie Madziak’s article in the September issue of Municipal World, “How staff in your public library are local culture heroes” could not have arrived at a better time. In it, she describes public library staff as “important champions of your local culture”.  If you haven’t already read this article, make it a priority and share it with your board and council.

The Ministry is encouraging participation across the province through live Town Halls and virtually through the Culture Talks website. Public libraries’ staff, users and supporters have an opportunity to demonstrate their unique cultural role in local communities. Don’t miss it!