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Statistics from the Overdrive Marketplace

I’ve received a few emails in the last few weeks from library staff who need a refresher on accessing their library’s statistics on the Overdrive Marketplace. I’ve decided to post something here and make things easier for us all. Below are step-by-step instructions for accessing your library’s user and checkout numbers.

Do you have your login information for the Overdrive Marketplace? If so, log in. If not, get in touch.

Reports for specific libraries can be accessed through:

Insights > User Statistics > Unique User Activity

Overdrive Marketplace Menus

  1. Select Unique users by ‘Month’.
  2. Select your library from the ‘Branches’ list.
  3. Identify a Start and End date.
  4. Click View Report. It may take a few moment to load.

Your results page will identify the total number of users with checkouts by month.

Under the Month column of your results, if you select a specific month another results page will open with the details of how many checkouts occurred in that month – you’ll notice that the total is in the top row of the table itself, in brackets.

Good luck with those yearly reports!