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E-Resources Access in 2016

Funding and access to all provincially funded (Tier 1) e-resources ended on December 31, 2015. How does this affect access at your library?  Read on to find out!

What stays the same?

  • If your library is currently licensing a product that it had access to last year, the website link for that product will not change. You do not require a new link for access in 2016.
  • The usage statistics and Annual Survey data covering activity in 2015 will be posted on the E-Resources section of the SOLS site. An announcement will be sent when the 2015 numbers are available. 

What’s different for 2016?

  • SOLS no longer coordinates access to e-resources. Links for new products must be obtained directly from the vendors.
  • If you did not renew access to any of these products, you’ll need to remove all e-resources links from your website. 
  • Libraries are responsible for collecting their own usage stats and Annual Survey e-resources data for 2016 and beyond. The vendors can assist with this, don’t hesitate to contact them for assistance.
  • The Compass website has been removed, and vendors can provide libraries with marketing and training materials on request. Don’t be shy about asking, it’s included in your license agreement!
  • Compass 101 and 201 are no longer being offered, however, SOLS will continue to provide training in areas such as e-resources evaluation and promotion, and training opportunities will be posted in the SOLS Training Bulletin.

As always, please contact me if you have questions.