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Hive Networks

“We are a growing constellation of communities around the globe that are championing digital skills and web literacy through connected learning.”

This sounds sort of like a network of libraries, but the statement belongs to the Hive Learning Network, established by the Mozilla Foundation.

“Hive is a city-based community model that brings educators, learners, and community partners together to create transformative digital and web literacy learning opportunities for young people and a community as a whole. Through the establishment of Hive Events, Hive Learning Communities and Hive Learning Networks, cities around the globe are able to mobilize, catalyze, create and grow high quality connected learning opportunities and programming.

Hive actively supports an open source, laboratory-approach to learning by generating and supporting opportunities for exploration, experimentation, iteration and share discovery. Taken together, Hive models and mechanisms provide a recipe for the spread of new ideas, tools, and digital media practices. Through participation in Hive, a community’s civic and cultural organizations, business, entrepreneurs, educators and learners of all ages can build, shape, teach and learn together.”

From: The Hive Cookbook

Educators work to determine the interests of local youth and work together with partners, technologists and entrepreneurs to pique those interests and create environments where youth can explore and learn more. Your community might already have a Hive, but if it doesn’t, designing a pop-up event might inspire a few to establish one. The Hive Cookbook can help.

Or, maybe your library already has an informal Hive, and you’re looking for resources to help share knowledge and skills. If that’s the case, check out Mozilla’s free learning tools:

Lesson plans are designed for educators to take advantage of easily and quickly. 

Let us know in the comments if you’re using Mozilla tools in your library, or if you’re thinking of setting up a Hive!