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3 Reading Apps to Explore

At BookNet Canada’s recent Tech Forum conference here in Toronto, several developers presented on apps created to enrich the online reading experience. Here are three to watch:

  1. We Read Too: Developed by the amazing Kaya Thomas, We Read Too features over 500 children’s and YA books written by authors of colour that feature characters of colour.  This app is free and is currently for iOS only, but an Android version is expected later this year. Follow @WeReadTooApp on Twitter for updates.
    We read too app logo
  2. Litsy: Described as “a place to share and discover your favorite books with your favorite people”, Litsy is a social media platform just for readers. Users can create entries (all must be 300 characters or less) in the form of a blurb, a quote, or a review. All are linked back to a book’s title, allowing users to read what everyone has said about a specific book and add it to their to-read list if it appeals to them. Like We Read Too, this app is free, currently iOS only with an Android version in development.
    Listy Logo
  3. Shelfie: Free for iOS and Android (yay!) Shelfie from BitLit Media provides readers with e-versions of the print books they already own. To get started, use your smartphone or tablet to snap a Shelfie: a pic of your personal bookshelf. Shelfie will then analyze your pic, and compare your titles with its database of over 45 million titles for ones that match. For titles that are a match, Shelfie will offer them to you for purchase (often at a discount) or in some cases for free (depending on the arrangement that BitLit has with the publisher). Once you’re built your library, you also have the option to connect with other users that own the same titles.
    Shelfie Logo