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SOLS Wants to Hear From You!

As public libraries continue to grapple with the challenges of ongoing, disruptive change, it is more imperative than ever that anyone who works in a library is prepared to commit to continuous learning! Almost everything about libraries is in flux, and in a very real way, we will, together, learn our way through these changes, designing and delivering programs and services that are innovative and engaging.  SOLS wants to help you address your learning needs and support you in ways that make learning accessible, relevant and of lasting value.  Through our many training offerings, the SOLS Competencies Index and related tools, and the Learn HQ training portal and platform, SOLS remains committed to being a trusted partner in the training and development landscape for public library staff across southern Ontario.

As part of our planning, we invite you – yes, you! – to complete a survey that will help us better understand your training needs and the training priorities for public libraries.  We are asking everyone – from frontline staff to CEO – to take approximately 15 minutes and complete the survey. To date, we have received 234 completed surveys – a great response so far! Everyone who submits a completed survey by Friday, May 6th will have a chance to win one free admission to a SOLS workshop!

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Thank you for helping us understand your needs and contributing to the future of SOLS! These are exciting times!