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SOLS Website Review

Hello everyone! My name is Cvijeta Sonoc and I am a first year University of Toronto, Masters of Information student. I have been given the amazing opportunity to complete my co-op placement here at SOLS, as a Usability and Accessibility Website Assistant. Prior to starting my degree I worked as a therapist with children diagnosed with Autism. My job has been extremely rewarding and fulfilling, allowing me to gain first-hand insight into some of the challenges individuals with Autism face in daily life.

I believe that public libraries should lead the way in service of diverse populations and already function as the hub of local communities.  I want to be a part of this setting. Be at the front lines of providing service to others, helping to gain access to knowledge and above else learn, develop and offer my experiences in making the public library an accessible and welcoming environment for all!

Over the course of the next 4 months some of my responsibilities will include:

  • Evaluating the structure and usability of the SOLS website
  • Ensuring that the site complies by the WCAG 2.0 guidelines 
  • Proposing and testing out possible improvements to the SOLS website

One of the biggest components of the role includes hearing from you, the users of the SOLS site. Let me know what aspects of the website are working well. What do you find really useful when navigating and looking for information as well as, what areas of the site we can improve on and do better. I am excited to hear your feedback so please contact me at csonoc@sols.org. Let’s travel on this journey together!