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Website Changes Are Coming!

In a couple of days when you visit the SOLS’s website you may notice a few differences. I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the changes and the results of the summer website project. The major difference will be in the naming and layout of the main menu, as you can see from this graphic.

structure changes

Our user feedback indicated that by simplifying or replacing a couple of the menu titles with familiar terms, we would better describe SOLS’ services and programs. With this in mind…

  • The Share & Collaborate menu has been renamed Sharing Resources .
  • Develop your Library & Staff is now titled Staff Training.
  • A menu of SOLS Services now exists.
  • E-resources and Purchasing are now located under SOLS Services.
  • E-collections can be found under the Sharing Resources menu.
  • You’ll find Publications in the About menu.
  • Annual Plans & Reports exists as a subsection of Mandate & Mission
  • Grants no longer has a unique place in the main menu bar, instead it is filed under SOLS Services.
  • We’ve added ‘Login’, to the top menu bar. This will be a single access point for provincial and supplemental resources pricing, MARC records, the ILLO statistics form and the postage reimbursement form.

The layout of the Interlibrary Loan section has been simplified as well. You’ll find all of the documentation and resources pertaining to VDX or ILL, ILL directories and lists, Targets & INFO Catalogue in the Using VDX section. You may have noticed the Stay Informed menu item, where you can keep up to date on any news and announcements pertaining to INFO and find INFO Listservs. In order to better manage content on a few pages of the website you will see dropdown buttons which you can select to reveal or hide content.

Throughout the website project (with the help of the SOLS staff, web analytics or our website testing software) I’ve worked on fixing glitches, updated information, and removed stagnant content.

Looking to the future, some of the ideas that are still in the works include adding more icons and images to the SOLS website, and a different layout to the competencies section. My co-op placement complete but if you have any questions, feedback or comments please contact Beth Mens.