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The Annual Survey..it’s that time again

The Annual Survey of Public Libraries has been open in the GO-Secure platform since the end of April.  To date, staff at 52 libraries in southern Ontario have taken the time to complete the survey… so at this point, we are looking for about 130 more surveys from libraries as well as a number from communities with library service contracts.  Yes, we know that the deadline for completion is October 31, 2017, and yes, we know that people are busy, but we also know that this is data for 2016 and so you should have that information on hand already.   

In addition, think about the fact that completion of the Annual Survey is one requirement to receiving your Public Library Operating Grant (PLOG)… and since that PLOG application is set to launch in early September, if you have the Annual Survey already completed, you would be able to apply for PLOG very quickly (and get your PLOG funds shortly afterward) 

We often hear that people are waiting for their financial audits before starting the survey, and while this can be useful, the auditors use accrual accounting and the Ministry staff need the information as cash accounting.  In other words, the Ministry staff want to know how much money you spent in 12 areas such as on print materials, on staffing, on computer services, telephone and Internet. 

We sometimes hear people say that it is a pain to complete the Survey… but then also hear from the same folks that they would like to have more comparative statistical data on libraries in Ontario.  We believe that the data which is self-reported in the Annual Survey is a good start in providing this comparative data. 

To help you navigate through the survey, the Ministry folks have posted a blank copy of the survey, a “Definitions document” and a “Visual Guide” to show you how to navigate the Survey screen by screen.   

There is a bit of confusion about the URL for the survey – so be sure to use this one: https://edcs.tcu.gov.on.ca/Main/EDUPortal.aspx   (Hint: Don’t just “google” GO-Secure because you will likely end up at the Ministry of Health’s portal, not with our Ministry) 

SOLS staff can help with the Annual Survey as needed.  Looking forward to seeing your name on the list of completed surveys.