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VDX training resources for new and experienced users

The Interlibrary loan pages on the SOLS website have been reorganized and VDX training section added.  We encourage Interlibrary Loan staff in Ontario Public Libraries (new and experienced) to take just 5 minutes to visit VDX Training to become aware of the resources in this new section.

Discover the 3 resources that make up a VDX users Tool Kit:

  1. VDX 9.1 User Manual  – The user manual has been updated for the most current version of VDX.   A hyperlinked Table of Contents quickly gets users to pages for any topic, or search the text for key words.  You can also download the full manual to use on your desktop and/or print as needed.
  2. VDX Self-Directed Training Roadmap – Whether you are brand new to VDX and need to learn all the steps, or just need a quick answer to a question, the Roadmap guides users with hyperlink page # to the VDX 9.1 User Manual, short topical videos and learning exercises.
  3. VDX Test System – Login to the VDX Test System to experiment, using the same username and password that you use for your live VDX account.   Visually verify that you are in the VDX Test system by seeing ‘tst’ in version statement at bottom of the screen i.e.  Version: VDX 9.1 (Build 256)  [vdxtst03dwdu].

If you have questions, please contact SOLS HelpDesk at 1-800-387-5765 or email helpdesk@sols.org