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Announcement from the LAC Library System Renewal Team

We're pleased to feature a guest blog post from the Library System Renewal Team, Library and Archives Canada, describing their new catalogue(s) debuting in 2018!

LAC is actually launching two new catalogues next year; a new National Union Catalogue, which will appear on our website in February 2018, and the new catalogue of LAC’s collection, which will be ready in the fall of 2018.

AMICUS (including current ILL and copy cataloguing functions) will remain available until after the new LAC catalogue launches in fall 2018, although as Rosanne notes it will become increasingly out of date for union catalogue holdings.  It will be the most up-to-date place to check for LAC holdings, though, as well as for alternate format libraries, until the new LAC catalogue is launched.    After the new LAC catalogue launches, AMICUS decommissioning will begin and AMICUS will be permanently taken offline.  When LAC has determined the date for AMICUS to be taken offline, it will be shared broadly (and in advance) with the library community. 

So the key dates are:

  • February 2018 – new National Union Catalogue launches
  • Fall 2018 – new LAC Catalogue launches, AMICUS  decommissioning begins.

We’d also like to clarify one thing about Z39.50 access; the new National Union Catalogue will be Z39.50-compliant, and it will be freely available to anyone who uses Z39.50 to search for locations for ILL.  However, a library will need a cataloguing subscription to download records from the new catalogue for copy cataloguing.

We’re happy to respond to your questions at bac.servicesauxbibliotheques-libraryservices.lac@canada.ca .  Please also visit our Questions and Answers page for further information.