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Research & Consultations in the Culture Sector

I’ve recently had occasion to work with a couple of organizations supporting the culture sector in Ontario: MASS culture and WorkInCulture (WIC).  They are undertaking research and consultations projects over the next months. MassCulture seeks to connect and promote “cultural policy research, update data, and address research gaps” while WorkInCulture is undertaking a Labour Market Insights Project that includes the following disciplines: Arts, Cultural Industries, Heritage and Libraries. Both these organizations have approached SOLS to reach out to public libraries and encourage your participation as professionals within the sector and as community hubs for artists at the local level. Your contribution may take the form of responding to a survey, or hosting and participating in a regional focus group. Whatever the role, it’s a great opportunity to reflect to these organizations what we are about but also to demonstrate our vital role in communities across Ontario. So, stay tuned for more on these initiatives as they roll out!