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SOLS delivery service will permanently cease to operate, effective April 26th, 2019

On Thursday April 11th, the 2019 Ontario Budget was tabled in the provincial legislature. On Friday April 12th, I was informed by the Ministry that the SOLS operating grant would be reduced by approximately 50%. This is a substantial cut which must be absorbed in the current 2019-20, fiscal year. Ontario Library Service-North is also facing a significant cut to its operating grant.

Please read my full statement on our website to understand how this impacts delivery and interlibrary loan

8 thoughts on “SOLS delivery service will permanently cease to operate, effective April 26th, 2019

  1. Barbara,
    I am so sorry to hear that SOLS is closing. For years I worked for a public library and our users relied on SOLS to get materials that weren’t in our system. The cuts that caused you to close are hurting the people who need libraries the most—and it may be impossible for a future government to undo the harm now done.


  2. What does this mean from your statement? May 31 it will start again? or? VDX accounts will all be under suspension until at least May 31. This will prevent ZPortal patron access as well.

    1. Yes – Zportal is suspended as well. We will use this time to wind down our delivery operations, and then reopen VDX loaning with clear directions on how libraries can participate without delivery and/or postage reimbursement. A shutdown was a difficult decision to make, but unavoidable. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any other questions.

  3. I’m so devastated and shocked to hear this news! I’m from Norfolk County Simcoe branch and use the inter library loan service frequently.
    Our county library is top notch and offer a great selection of books and services. The librarians at friendly and knowledgeable. It’s my go to place as I’m an avid reader and my 88 year old mother enjoys me taking her there.
    What can we do as patrons? We have to fight to get our Premier to reconsider this shocking decision.
    This service will be greatly missed!!!!

  4. Absolutely ridiculous budget cuts to already struggling libraries!
    I was a librarian for 30 years and I have to say that SOLS services are the lifeline of most libraries!

  5. My grandchildren , who are homeschooled , use inter library loan every month to access good classical books. Please reinstate this service. When you think about it, sharing books and movies makes sense and saves money. Each library doesn’t have to carry all the book. Sharing is a money saver.
    Please reinstate the inter library loan system.


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