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Hive Networks

“We are a growing constellation of communities around the globe that are championing digital skills and web literacy through connected learning.” This sounds sort of like a network of libraries, but the statement belongs to the Hive Learning Network, established by the Mozilla Foundation. “Hive is a city-based community model that brings educators, learners, and […]

Free Health & Safety Support for Ontario Libraries

At Public Services Health & Safety Association, we provide employers with training, consulting and resources to address workplace health and safety concerns and promote legislative compliance. We all play an important role in preventing injuries and illnesses at work. That’s why we’ve partnered with SOLS to better support public libraries in increasing awareness and understanding […]

Five Reasons To Organize a TEDx Event at Your Library

Co-Author: Andrea Cecchetto Images: Adam Tonon “Why not?” Those are the words that inspired us to apply for a TEDx license. We were brainstorming a list of learning opportunities with the goal of helping our team develop their digital competencies, and were drawn by the way TEDx speakers always seem to know exactly how to inspire […]