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Lincoln Public Library catches the STEM wave!

In this week’s guest post, Margaret Daley Leanne Good of Lincoln P.L.tellu s how they have introduced Science, Technology, Engineering and Math programming at their library! At the Lincoln Public Library, we have been hearing a lot about STEM this past year. I had a parent ask me, “What is this STEM”?  I explained that it […]

Circulating Maker Kits at Stratford Public Library

Krista Robinson, Systems Librarian, Stratford Public Library – @lilmisslibrary “Maker” fever is spreading across libraries in North America.  The theme of making is weaving its way into our programs, our spaces, and even our culture.  And the outcomes are fantastic!  People are being empowered to learn in new ways and move from consumers of information to also […]

Core Technology Competencies: For every staff member

This is the fifth post in a series on competencies based professional development. In the first post in this series, Anne Marie Madziak, wrote: “Public libraries are on the precipice of a bright exciting future that requires staff to be community oriented, comfortable with technology, adaptive and skilled at engaging and collaborating with the community and […]