SOLS exists to serve the people of Ontario, on behalf of the Province of Ontario, by equipping public libraries, within the resources available, with the tools, resources, and pooled expertise they require to achieve excellence in public library service.

SOLS contributes to excellence by collaborating with public libraries to achieve:


Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS) was established in 1989 and is mandated to deliver programs and services on behalf of the Ontario Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport by:

  • Increasing cooperation and coordination among public library boards and other information providers in order to promote the provision of library service to the public; and
  • Assisting public library boards by providing them with services and programs that reflect their needs, including consultation, training and development.

SOLS grew out of an amalgamation of regional library systems that themselves had provided support and development services to the libraries in their regions for decades. SOLS now serves the public libraries of almost 200 municipalities from Windsor to the Quebec border and north to Muskoka and ranging in population from hundreds to hundreds of thousands. Many of our services are provided collaboratively with OLS-North. Some of our services are provided province-wide.

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