Our consultants have the professional education and experience to bring to the table a breadth of knowledge of current library practices, and an understanding of the framework in which libraries operate.  SOLS consultants work at empowering library leaders to become strategic and political in their analysis of situations and to make decisions that are in the best interest of the library and the community.


SOLS consultants provide guidance and advice covering a wide range of issues related to the management and governance of public library service  


Policies ensure library services are fair, consistent, and help the library fulfill its mission to the public. SOLS provides advice to public libraries on policy development and regularly updates sample policies


Due to cuts to our operating grant, a moratorium on planning assistance is in place until at least September, 2019

SOLS currently has no capacity to assist libraries with planning beyond guidance and advice. There is a professional resource on Strategic Planning that includes helpful information.

Accreditation & Guidelines 

We help libraries pursuing accreditation under the Ontario Public Library Guidelines, and we also support boards, CEOs, and staff using this as an assessment tool

Consulting to Francophones

Consulting to Francophones

SOLS provides consulting services to Francophone libraries and library staff working with Francophone client groups. For assistance, contact our Bilingual Consultant Alexandra Taylor


The Professional Resources pages in Learn HQ have many helpful guides on on specific topics in Library Services, Library Management, and Governance, Planning, & Policies

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