The library board 's role is to provide governance, overseeing the purpose, plans and policies of the library. The Board is the legal authority of the library and is the ultimate authority for decision-making. The nature of governance is proactive and focused on the future and on the relation of the organization to the community’s development.  Together with the CEO, the library board shares the responsibility to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of their library. 

SOLS offers networking & information sharing opportunites at our Trustee Council Meetings.  On our own and in collaboration with OLA/OLBA, OLS-North, and the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries, we also provide ongoing board development through training and publications.

Trustee Council Meetings & Discussion Lists

Trustee council meetings, held in 8 locations, are excellent networking and information sharing opportunities for library board members.

Understanding Library Board Governance

Understanding Library Board Governance

New materials and guides for trustees will be available Fall 2018.

Board Transition

With new board appointments happening soon, outgoing board members and CEOs need to work with municipal officials to ensure a smooth transition

Appointments to the Library Board 
Board Succession 
Board Orientation 

SOLS supports the work of public library boards in Ontario in partnership with Ontario Library Service – North, the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries, the Ontario Library Board Association, and the Ontario Library Association. The provincial library partners are committed to excellence in library board governance.


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