Index of Public Library Building Projects

Library staff undertaking the building of a new facility or renovating an existing one tend to seek information about recent completed building projects. Basic facts on the size, costs, shared spaces and architects is the first step in identifying new or renovated libraries to visit and/or to contact in order to learn more about the project. This Index provides access to data on recent public library building projects including new construction, renovations and additions. The records collected to date can be browsed using the links in the left sidebar. E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a customized search and report.

Ongoing Survey of Public Library Building Projects

We encourage libraries that have recently completed projects to use the online form to add a new record to the index.

Before You Begin

To prepare in advance of completing the form you should have the following information on hand:

  1. Project architect and interior designer
  2. Project Budget - building costs and furnishing costs
  3. Funding Sources – municipal, Trillium, federal, provincial, fund raising
  4. Net library space in square feet
  5. Link to photos

Survey Data to be Made Public

Thank you for completing the form and sharing your project information with other libraries. By completing this survey you are giving permission to make the information available to the staff and boards of other libraries. This information may be published in various formats by SOLS including posting to the website.

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