SOLS consultants are skilled at collaborating with library CEOs, managers, and trustees, to problem-solve in a manner that incorporates both creative and critical thinking, while considering short-term and long-term consequences. When assisting with decision-making, they strive to:

  • offer frameworks and process tools that serve to break down the complexity of the issues
  • engage people in the decision-making process in a way that is helpful and effective
  • help synthesize the information gathered and facilitate shared sense-making conversations
  • make meaningful connections between those responsible for making decisions and others who have faced similar situations
  • clarify the current thinking available and help arrive at options for a successful resolution of the situation

SOLS consultants work at empowering library leaders to become strategic and political in their analysis of situations and to make decisions that are in the best interest of the library and the community.

They are adept at designing and facilitating successful meetings and networking opportunities, and have a good understanding of group dynamics and how to design for participation, engagement and resolution.

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