SOLS provides free delivery to the main branches of 153 public libraries in Southern Ontario and Toronto Public Library.  Delivery includes:

  • Materials ordered through the interlibrary loan system
  • Materials ordered through reciprocal borrowing arrangements, space permitting (eg. PCIN, YPLN)
  • Materials left or mistakenly returned to the wrong library system
  • POOL rotations up to three stops annually
We have benchmarks that determine the number of SOLS courier stops a library receives in a week.


Delivery Routes

Find your library and how often our vans will visit, or review pools rotation schedules

Interbranch Delivery Service

We offer fee-based service for library systems that wish to move material between their branches

Other Fee-Based Services

SOLS will deliver material for organizations needing to distribute their material to libraries on our routes

Contact Us

For assistance with any of our services , please contact Dayna Lintner.