Personnel Management

Productive performance by library staff is the backbone of a successful library.  The strategic oversight of the library’s workforce, generally referred to as Human Resources (HR), is key to achieving the library’s mission and vision.

Last updated: July 22, 2015


Competency: Understands and applies legal standards and requirements for personnel/ HR management

Associated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:      

  • Understands and complies with employment laws and regulations that impact HR management
  • Understands and ensures compliance with HR policies and procedures
  • Promotes effective labour relations and maintains a productive working relationship with employees and their representatives
  • Understands contract negotiation and administration
  • Understands a variety of problem-solving techniques and applies them to dispute resolution.


Competency: Develops HR policies that support a healthy work environment and comply with employment laws and regulations

Associated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Creates a comprehensive set of HR policies that guide employer/employee relationships and responsibilities, define working conditions, and address a wide range of issues regarding personnel management
  • Incorporates understanding of a unionized workplace and collective agreement as appropriate
  • Consults with municipal HR personnel and policies in developing and revising policies 
  • Stays current with changes to employment laws and other legislation impacting Ontario workplaces, eg. Access for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, etc. 
  • Revises HR policies as necessary.  


Competency: Establishes and maintains a fair compensation program

Associated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:      

  • Complies with Pay Equity legislation that seeks to address historical inequities and achieve equal pay for work of equal value
  • Strives to achieve internal equity by assessing all positions using the job evaluation factors, including those not covered by pay equity legislation
  • Maintains pay equity through regular job evaluation reviews and salary adjustments as indicated by the reviews
  • Reviews salaries and benefits periodically in terms of job market conditions to ensure the library can competitively recruit and retain qualified individuals; makes recommendations to the Board based on the review findings.  


Competency:  Builds a productive workforce through effective recruitment and selection

Associated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Develops and applies consistent and effective interviewing techniques
  • Seeks candidates who demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, collaborative approaches, critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities
  • Makes hiring decisions based on sound evaluation methods
  • Understands and complies with employment laws and regulations that impact recruiting and hiring
  • Understands and complies with library policies and procedures that impact recruiting and hiring
  • Values a diverse workforce and recruits for diversity.


Competency:  Engages in Human Resources planning to ensure the library has the staff capacity to meet the demands of the future  

Associated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:      

  • Conducts a staffing review periodically, analyzing staffing levels, as well as particular skills and abilities  
  • Scans the environment for social, economic, and technological trends that impact the skills and abilities needed by library staff   
  • Develops a plan to address needed skills and abilities, as identified in the staffing review and environmental scan, through recruitment, grooming, and training and development strategies
  • Secures the funding to support Human Resources planning
  • Establishes a process to address succession in the event that individuals in critical positions leave or move into other positions.


Competency: Creates an organizational structure that enables a culture of teamwork and exemplary service

Associated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:      

  • Explores various options for creating a structure that divides and coordinates the work of all staff
  • Consults with staff in the pursuit of the structure that will enable them to do their best work
  • Design the structure that optimizes communication and facilitates working together to achieve the library’s mission and vision
  • Revisit the library’s organizational structure periodically and revise to eliminate or reduce barriers to strong performance and/or achieving the library’s strategic priorities. 


Competency:  Empowers and supports staff to deliver effective, high-quality library service

Associated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:     

  • Fosters and facilitates a collaborative environment based on a shared vision
  • Supports individual and collective learning as key to organizational success 
  • Models enthusiasm and commitment and energizes staff to meet defined goals
  • Communicates clearly and regularly with staff about library, government or major community changes that may affect them
  • Promotes teamwork among staff and promotes team-building practices
  • Ensures that diversity needs are respected and supported in HR processes         
  • Recognizes staff achievements through formal and informal methods.


Competency: Engages staff in coaching conversations

Associated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:      

  • Provides individualized support to staff, recognizing that the needs of individuals vary
  • Engages individuals in one-on-one conversations that encourage growth and development
  • Listens and responds to the need for further clarity, direction and guidance
  • Encourages staff members to take responsibility for their own success.


Competency: Establishes effective strategies for performance management

Associated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Establishes and follows clear processes for new employee orientation
  • Establishes clear performance expectations linked to the library’s strategies and priorities, with appropriate levels of quantity and quality of work defined
  • Involves staff in clarifying performance expectations and identifying the supports necessary to meet those expectations 
  • Provides appropriate tools, resources and authority to support performance expectations
  • Establishes methods for review and evaluation of performance and holds all staff accountable to meet performance expectations
  • Enables staff to strive for continuously higher standards of performance
  • Provides regular and constructive feedback on performance
  • Takes timely and consistent corrective/disciplinary action when appropriate.


Competency: Engages volunteers productively

Associated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:   

  • Creates opportunities for volunteers to support and enhance library operations
  • Articulates the need for volunteers as distinct from staff and defines clear roles and job descriptions for volunteer positions
  • Develops and applies consistent practices for recruiting and screening volunteers
  • Provides welcoming, supportive orientation, effective training, supervision and coaching of volunteers
  • Recognizes volunteers formally and informally for their contribution to library service.  


The remaining competency is in keeping with the preceding but at a lower level of responsibility, eg. at the supervisory level, as opposed to management level. 

Competency:  Demonstrates a general understanding of key legislation that impacts the supervision of public library staff

Associated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Shows an awareness of the key pieces of legislation related to the supervision of people in Ontario
  • Applies legislation reliably for common/usual workplace situations
  • Understands and complies with the library's HR/personnel policies
  • Understands and complies with the collective agreement in a unionized environment. 


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