Project Management

The multiplicity of factors involved in managing any library project demands an organized approach. Basic project management skills help establish a framework and process for coordinating people, time, money and deliverables. Effective project managers recognize that communication is essential throughout the project life cycle.  

Last updated: July 29, 2014

Competency:  Employs sound project management principles and procedures in the planning and implementation of programs and services

Associated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Understands the basic principles and procedures of project management
  • Defines outcomes and expectations based on user requirements and needs
  • Secures support for projects that implement library goals and objectives
  • Utilises technology tools to increase project management efficiency
  • Uses resources efficiently and manages effectively within budget limits.


Competency:  Leads project team with clear direction and effective communication

Associated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Selects team members strategically to build a diverse set of skills and abilities
  • Aligns project with the vision and direction of the organization 
  • Collaborates with project team to develop a work plan with tasks, time frames, milestones, resources and realistic deadlines
  • Delegates effectively to achieve results
  • Anticipates potential problems, sets controls and contingency plans, and responds effectively to resolve barriers
  • Demonstrates flexibility, creativity and patience as needed throughout the life cycle of the project.  
  • Communicates with management and other stakeholders regarding progress and obstacles to achieving project success. 


Competency: Manages meetings to optimize information sharing and decision making

Associated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Organizes an agenda and manages time accordingly
  • Fosters differences of opinions and experiences for rich discussion
  • Facilitates consensus decision making
  • Allocates and monitors time appropriately to ensure achievement of meeting outcomes 
  • Practises collaborative approaches to resolving conflicts.


Competency: Monitors and evaluates projects and uses the results for project improvement

Associated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:     

  • Establishes processes for collecting, documenting and reporting data
  • Monitors project progress and evaluates performance to ensure quality and quantity standards are met
  • Fulfils legal or project requirements for compliance, record keeping and reporting
  • Analyses and identifies dissemination strategies, and reports project data and outcomes to stakeholders
  • Leads project team in a de-briefing aimed at learning what went well and what could have been better 
  • Learns from project failures and partial successes, and shares learning with colleagues.

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