Service or Department Oversight

It is imperative that supervisors and managers gain a working knowledge of the work of the people and services they supervise.  While it is not necessary to be able to perform everyone’s job, it is important to understand each job in order to be able to assess and support work performance.  Supervisors and managers play an important role in bridging the work of front line staff and organizational decision-making.   

Last updated: July 29, 2014


Competency:  Understands the operations of the service or department

Associated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:      

  • Understands the core purpose of the department or service and how it fits with the vision and direction of the library 
  • Demonstrates general knowledge of the processes and systems used in providing the service/ conducting the work of the department
  • Understands and explains adherence to the policies and procedures particular to the service/ department
  • Aligns service/ department efforts with library’s overall goals and the needs of the community.


Competency:  Manages the efficiency and effectiveness of the service or department

Associated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Ensures the service/ department is fulfilling its purpose
  • Establishes and monitors procedures that guide the work
  • Manages own and others’ time effectively to deliver work on time, prioritising as necessary
  • Cultivates a creative climate where new ideas are welcome and staff is encouraged to suggest improvements to how things are done
  • Contributes to a problem solving environment and works towards creative solutions that improve library service
  • Ensures the resources and supports are in place that enable staff success.  


Competency:  Connects the work of the service or department with the organization's decision-making processes

Associated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Articulates the mission, vision, values and strategic directions in ways that are relevant and meaningful to staff 
  • Communicates to management the need for resources to further the work of the service or department
  • Involves staff in providing management with useful feedback to inform decision-making and planning
  • Involves staff in suggesting revisions to the mission, vision and/or strategic directions based on the needs of the community. 

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