Ethics & Values

Free access to public library service is a fundamental human right.  Everyone who works in a library should be guided by the universal values of the library profession, a commitment to service, and a strong work ethic. 

Last updated: January 6, 2015


Competency: Demonstrates an active commitment to service that guides work performance

Associated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:      

  • Conveys a willingness to help in a manner that is warm, welcoming and approachable
  • Keeps the customer and customer service in the forefront when considering/ making decisions
  • Understands how every task and function is part of a dynamic system that contributes to quality service
  • Recognizes exceptional service when it happens in the library and tells others about it
  • Challenges the status quo in order to improve service.


Competency: Understands and acts in accordance with the professional values and ethics of library service

Associated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:  

  • Understands the history of the public library and its role in society, both in general and in the particular local community
  • Endorses the mission, values and vision of the library
  • Advocates universal access to information and ideas through free library service, including access to the Internet and information technology
  • Understands and promotes intellectual freedom and freedom of information
  • Understands privacy issues and protects user confidentiality
  • Provides equitable access by removing barriers and creating an environment that encourages all residents to use the services of the library
  • Welcomes and values diversity.


Competency: Demonstrates a strong work ethic and personal accountability  

Associated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:     

  • Practises time management and punctuality
  • Acts with moral integrity and is known to be reliable and dependable
  • Accepts responsibility for actions and work performance
  • Organizes and prioritizes work to accomplish multiple objectives effectively and efficiently
  • Strives to be successful in completing assignments and overall work performance
  • Seeks challenging work and new opportunities
  • Works conscientiously and without needing constant supervision.


Competency: Demonstrates loyalty and commitment to the organization

Associated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Works as a team player, contributing to the overall success of the library
  • Acts for the greater good and in the library's best interests
  • Aligns work performance and learning goals with organizational values 
  • Shares information and feedback in a manner that is helpful and constructive
  • Contributes to the organizational decision making when consulted
  • Respects and supports organizational decisions
  • Complies with organizational policies and procedures
  • Champions the library on and off the job!




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