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Some libraries have taken the time to send comments regarding the Competencies Index. We appreciate all feedback, whether it is positive or identifies areas for improvement. Thank you to those of you who've been in touch! It's very helpful to know how the competencies are being used!  Feel free to contact Anne Marie Madziak to share any and all feedback.    


Just wanted to let you know how AWESOME the competencies on the SOLS website are.  We are using pretty much all of them verbatim while constructing new job descriptions, and are so happy to have them.  It took me two hours to pull together a new job description, and half of it was formatting.  So thank you, thank you, thank you! 

- Julia Merritt, Chief Executive Officer, Stratford Public Library

At Essa, the Technology competencies were referenced in the new Technology Plan in the section on Staff development and training. The core competencies provide a realistic tick-list of skills that all staff can be expected to possess. In the performance evaluation process the competencies index can then be used to set goals and measure success as staff strive to enhance their skills and the library strives to improve services.

- Janine Harris-Wheatley, Chief Executive Officer, Essa Public Library

I wanted to express how grateful we have been for the new competencies that have been developed by SOLS. They have been particularly helpful lately as we have been reviewing and creating new job descriptions and writing job ads to hire staff. We also plan to use the competencies to update our performance appraisal forms and to evaluate our staff as a whole for future training and hiring as well as for succession management.

- Heather Robinson, Public Services Librarian, St. Thomas Public Library

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