To be eligible to run for election to SOLS Board and to vote in the election, one must be appointed to their Trustee Council by a library board. In cases where multiple trustees from a library participate in Trustee Council meetings, only the appointee may participate in the election. If you are unclear as to your status, please contact us.

Nomination Guidelines

  1. Each Trustee Council may elect one member to SOLS Board.
  2. Nominations may be made in advance of the meeting by email to your Trustee Council listserv (http://lists.library.on.ca/mailman/listinfo/), or at the meeting itself.
  3. A mover and a seconder is required for nominations. Interested members may nominate themselves with the support of a seconder.
  4. Nominees do not need to be present at the meeting, however, their willingness to stand for election should be established in advance.
  5. At the meeting, the SOLS staff representative will:
  • Announce nominations already received and seek seconders if necessary.
  • Open nominations to the floor.
  • Close nominations and announce the slate of nominees.
  • Facilitate voting by secret ballot.
  • Announce the outcome.
  • Destroy the ballots.

Further Information

See Information for Prospective Board Members for additional information.

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