The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport is responsible for administering the Public Libraries Act, and statutory grants under the Act including the Public Library Operating, Pay Equity, and First Nation Salary Supplement Grants Program.  They also publish the annual Ontario Public Library Statistics, using information collected through the Annual Survey of Public Libraries.  All libraries and contracting municipalities receiving provincial funding must complete the Annual Survey of Public Libraries (ASPL).

SOLS staff can assist with these grants, as well as submissions for grants that we administer such as the Internet Connectivity Grant.

Annual Survey

SOLS staff are available to help you complete the grant application, due in June of each year

Public Library Operating Grant

We offer support for libraries completing the Public Library Operating Grants, as well as the  Public Library Pay Equity (PE) and/or First Nation Salary Supplement (FNSS) applications

Internet Connectivity

Since 1999, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport has supported public library connectivity through its connectivity project administered by SOLS.

Applications are now closed for the 2017/2018 funding period. 



The Professional Resources in Learn HQ have a page dedicated to grants and funding development featuring a wide range of library and not-for-profit resources 

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