By completing the Guidelines Audit Tool/Checklist as a self-assessment, a library CEO or board members would be able to identify aspects of governance, policy development, operations and services that need to be addressed. The results from the self-assessment can then become part of the library work plan.

There are two file versions of the Ontario Public Library Guidelines Checklist - one in Word and one in Excel. We recommend the Excel version - Guidelines Audit Checklist - as it automatically tracks the self-assessment process and provides a summary of what you might be missing and might wish to work toward. Use the Guideline Audit Checklist for Branches if you have multiple branches to track the results at each of your branches. The Word version of the checklist is similar but without the automatic tallying. The Definitions document might be helpful in explaining some terms.


SOLS staff have created sample library policies which match the requirements of the Ontario Public Library Guidelines and which cover governance, operations, human resources, volunteers and fundraising.

We also have sample library plans as examples of plans that meet the requirements of the Ontario Public Library Guidelines.

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For assistance with guidelines or accreditation, please contact Peggy Malcolm, Library Consultant