Packaging and labelling materials are provided by libraries as part of their particpation in interlibrary loan.  Here are a few guidelines on how to prepare items:


Interdepartmental envelopes

  • Put a single line through old addresses.
  • Check both sides of the envelope to ensure that previous addresses are crossed out.

Other envelopes and padded envelopes

  • Make sure old return addresses are crossed out.
  • Remove old labels, extra tape, and old staples.
  • Discard torn envelopes, or padded envelopes losing their stuffing.

Book Bags

  • If the bags do not have a window, or the window has become obscured, tape on label or 1" masking tape. A black magic marker makes the address stand out.


  • Try to distribute the weight in the carton evenly. Center the main weight in the carton and surround with filler. The filler may be foam chips, popcorn, or paper for recycling.
  • If using a large box for a small shipment, adapt the box by slitting the corners down to the top of the contents, then scoring the box vertically on all four sides. Seal by folding all four sides down and tape shut.
  • When possible the best method of making sure the shipment stays intact is to encircle the box length and width with 2" wide clear tape.
  • Remove all old labels. Labels that are clearly marked, ideally with thin or thick black magic marker, ensure prompt delivery. 
  • Canada Post Library Book Rate items cannot exceed 5 kg

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