VDX Suspension Lifts June 1 - What You Need to Know

The temporary suspension of VDX ILL activity will lift on June 1st, 2019.  Here’s what libraries need to know about Interlibrary Loans going forward:

On June 1, libraries will receive incoming lending requests and can begin issuing new borrowing requests or reissue requests with a Check Manual Status as necessary. For libraries that have implemented Patron-initiated requesting, your Zportal patrons will also have access restored and will be able to issue requests.


Mailing ILL requests via Canada Post/Library Materials Rate

Due to the cessation of Van Delivery service, all interlibrary loan requests must now be sent and returned via Canada Post, using the reduced Library Materials Rate available to all libraries. 

For more information on the rate, packaging items, and the rebate process, see our section on Sending Interlibrary Loans.


Ongoing Management of Your Interlibrary Loan Requests

As libraries shift from Van Delivery Service to Canada Post as their ILLO delivery system, some may need to adjust the number of loans they can handle per day based on staff and budget limitations.

At present, VDX has a system-wide limit of 25 requests per patron per day, all locations, regardless if issued by patrons using Zportal or Staff using VDX and validating against a user barcode.   Any ‘excess over 25’ would become Idle/Automediated:Authmanual in the WQ with a log message indicating that a limit was exceeded.

Here are some options that you should consider if you want to limit borrows and lends:

  1. Remain Suspended - If your location is not ready to resume any ILL activity, we can set a new suspension for your location (for both borrowing and lending) or ask OCLC to change your ILL status.
  2. Develop Internal Policies for managing ILLO borrows and loans - Libraries should develop their own policies regarding the number of borrowing and lending requests you can handle per day, making sure to apply a “Non-supply” to any requests from other libraries that you cannot fulfil.
  3. Limit Patron Initiated Requests -  Please contact for all changes to patron-initiated requests. Keeping in mind the system-wide limit of 25 requests per patron, here are a few options for changing or disabling patron-initiated access:
  • Change Patron Category to “Manual Authorized” - If you choose to continue with Patron-Initiated ILL but would like more control, we can ask OCLC to do a bulk category change of Zportal patron records from “Auto-Authorized” to “Manual-Authorized” so that requests will not automatically become pending with a lender. They will remain in your “Work Queue” (with a Rota already built) as “Idle/Auth Manual”, so that staff can review and submit them (or answer unfilled with a “Send User Alert” note to patron) as desired.
  • Request more specific patron limits - If you choose to continue with Patron-Initiated ILL, but would like more control on the number of items a patron may request, we can make changes, but they will apply to all of your Zportal patrons and will over-ride the system-wide background default limit of 25 requests per patron per day.  The custom limit count does not affect Staff using VDX or Staff using Zportal accounts to submit on behalf of patrons they are serving at non centralized location.  Some options here: A new custom limit for all patrons: e.g. 5 total in one day for their patrons using Zportal; a specific limit of books over a longer period of time: e.g. 10 in 7 days; 5 in 1 day; 20 per week; 10 in 7 days; 10 in 1 day; 10 successful at a time; 10 per week; 25 at a time.
  • Disable Zportal - If you feel that you cannot support Patron-Initiated ILL at this time, we can ask OCLC to remove the Authentication Service for your location from the Zportal dropdown list, preventing your patrons from logging into 

 To have any of these configurations implemented, or for any questions on ILL, please contact us.

We will be happy to discuss options and changes with you to ensure a smooth transition.



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