What is the INFO Resource Sharing Network? 

Using INFO (Information Network for Ontario), libraries can provide for the information, cultural and recreational needs of their citizens, using the resources of public libraries across the province and beyond.  

INFO incorporates web-based interlibrary loan management software (VDX) with the catalogues of public libraries across the province. INFO users can also access non public library resources such as Archives of Ontario and public and non-public libraries across Canada.

How to use VDX

VDX Training

Learn how to use VDX with our Self-Directed Training Roadmap, browse or search the User Manual, or try a search on our VDX Test System

ILL Mediation

SOLS staff can assist with interlibrary loans on behalf of non- VDX libraries, non-public libraries, or public libraries outside of Ontario

Patron Initiated ILL

Learn more about the patron self -serve interface to VDX and how it can enhance the interlibrary loan experience for both patrons and staff

Z39.50 Targets

Update your status, or set your library up to be a target

Interlibrary Loan Resources

ILL Directories & Lists

Lists of all kinds - codes and contacts for VDX/ILL libraries in Ontario and beyond, and libraries that lend alternate formats and sets of books

Beyond Info

Communication with other systems and out of province loans, special collections, VOCal / VOCL users.

Interlibrary Loan Policies

INFO Resource Sharing Network Participation Policies and other ILL policies

Image for Library Materials Rate

Library Materials Rate

Library Materials Rate is a reduced postal rate available for library materials that are mailed by a library to its patrons, or to another library for patron use.

Got a postage claim for reimbursement? Submit them here (requires login)


Facts about Interlibrary loan and help with entering your stats.

Need to submit your Interlibrary Loan statistics? (requires login)

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News and Discussion Lists

Discussion List

INFOUSER-L is an unmoderated, general mailing list for public library staff to discuss concerns, issues, procedures, policies, etc. around interlibrary loan in Ontario. It is an optional list for ILL staff, and is open to anyone wishing to join. Join INFOUSER

VDX Announcements

The SOLSINFOADMIN-L and OLSNINFOADMIN-L announcement lists are used by SOLS to make announcements regarding the VDX Interlibrary Loan system. Only SOLS staff can post to this list.

Membership should be mandatory for at least one member of each library's ILL staff.  Please include your library name with your own name when you subscribe.

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