Collecting and reporting interlibrary loan statistics 

Collecting ILL Statistics

  1. VDX generated ILLO Statistics
    See Interpretation of VDX Monthly ILL Statistics for instructions in collecting what you need from VDX, along with advise on which figures to report on the provincial annual survey.
  2. Non VDX ILLO activity to collect
    If relevant to your library, manually track statistics for activity performed outside of the VDX system.  This would include:
    • consortia reciprocal borrowing arrangements with other library boards, such as PCIN or HALINET have, where materials are exchanged between member libraries outside of the VDX system, by placing holds in the catalogue.
    • emailed or faxed requests to an institution that is not accessible by VDX

Reporting ILL Statistics

Once you have determined what your Annual ILL statistics are you need to report them to:

  1. Your library CEO for inclusion in the provincial "Annual Survey of Public Libraries" issued by the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries.  For this purpose, you will add your VDX and non VDX statistics (if you have any) together for total activity.

  2. SOLS Interloan Statistics Online Reporting Form for analysis of interlibrary loan traffic patterns and the structure that supports the physical movement of ILL materials on our courier service.  

    • SOLS already has your VDX statistics.  Do not report these.
    • Please ONLY report activity that you might have conducted outside of VDX, such as consortia reciprocal borrowing or emailed or faxed requests to and from institutions, where the transaction was not conducted within VDX.  See next section, What to enter on SOLS Interloan Statistics Online Reporting Form.

      N.B. You must login with a username and password to submit statistics or search for previous entries. Select LOGIN (top navigation menu).  If you don't know the login credentials, contact Helpdesk.

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