SOLS and OLS-North organize online networking opportunities for trustees, library CEOs, and other library staff, on a range of topics.

SOLS Discussion Lists

SOLS organizes networking opportunities for trustees, library CEOs, and other library staff, including online discussion lists
  • To sign up for a specific listserv, please see our complete listing of discussion lists.
  • To learn more about how listservs work, read our FAQ. Please note that by posting questions and responses, you are giving SOLS permission to identify you and/or your library. Responses may also be placed on the SOLS web site and the Professional Resources section of LearnHQ. This will allow SOLS to make information that is requested regularly more readily available to our listserv subscribers.
  • Southern Ontario Library Service strives to create a welcoming, supportive, respectful and inclusive learning environment. We expect discussions on the listserv to adhere to these values.  If you feel that you have experienced a situation at odds with these values, please bring it to our attention.

Communities of Practice - PeerHQ

PeerHQ's communities facilitate sharing of experiences and best practices, and overcome communications barriers.

  • Communities of Practice are your place to:
    • Meet like-minded individuals
    • Discuss common interests
    • Share best practices and innovate
    • Learn from your colleagues
  • To participate in PeerHQ's communities of practice, you will need a Google account.
  • Visit the PeerHQ site to learn more information about getting started.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact Anne Marie Madziak, Service Development Director