Public libraries can access a range of discounted products and services from other groups, including their municipalities, the Province of Ontario, and various not-for-profit groups and networks.

Other Collective Purchasing Options




Specific Offers


Province of Ontario Vendors of Record


Supply Chain Ontario/Ontario Shared Services tenders for a wide range of goods and services for provincial ministries and the broader public sector, which includes public libraries. 


  • Furniture and Furnishing
  • Office Products  and  Supplies
  • Services 
  • Technology
  • IT/Technology, including hardware and communication services.
  • Wi-Fi hotspots - While there are a few vendors with offers in this area, only Rogers has confirmed that hotspots purchased through the VOR can be circulated in libraries.  For more information, contact Anne-Marie Gordon, Inside Account Manager, Rogers Communications annemarie DOT gordon  AT, 613-667-8041.


Registration is free.  Approval may take several business days. 

Public Sector Buyer Registration



Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM)


OECM is a not-for-profit group procurement sourcing agent for Ontario‚Äôs education sector, broader public sector, and other not-for-profit organizations.   


  • Facilities and Operations
  • Furniture and Furnishing
  • Learning and Training
  • Office Products  and  Supplies
  • Services 
  • Technology
  • Educational/Recreational Supplies (Special Needs Products & Multi Sensory Environmental Products could be useful for libraries)
  • Facilities and Operations
  • Finance
  • Furniture/Furnishing
  • IT Hardware
  • IT Professional Services
  • IT Solutions
  • Office Stationary/Supplies
  • Transportation/Courier
  • Services (Translation, AODA)


Registration is free.

OECM Registration




TechSoup Canada is part of a global not-for profit network that distributes donated software to Canadian charities, non-profits, and libraries.  There is a small administrative charge for each piece of software, usually about 10% of the normal purchase price.  


  • Learning and Training
  • Technology
  • Hardware
  • Office &Business Software
  • Server & Security Software
  • Finance
  • Information and Database Management
  • Multimedia and Design
  • Learning and Training


Registration is free.

TechSoup Canada Registration  

Ontario Non-Profit Network


The Ontario Nonprofit Network Purchasing Program (ONNPP) is a group purchasing program available to all Ontario nonprofits and charities, regardless of ONN membership. 

  • Office Products  and  Supplies
  • Services 
  • Wireless Services (both devices and connectivity plans)
  • Employee Benefits Program 
  • Office Supplies Program    
  • Printing  
  • Insurance program  (membership required)
  • Pension plan for not for profits/BPS

Registration is free for most ONNPP programs (Office Supplies, Printing, Wireless Services); register for the program and indicate your interest(s): ONNPP Registration

Your library must be a member of the ONN for:

  • Insurance Plans
  • ONN Employee Benefits program; (membership is on a sliding scale based on annual budget) 


The Professional Resources in Learn HQ have a Technology guide with a detailed “E-resources” section, with helpful information on selecting, organizing, managing and providing access to to digital resources.

LearnHQ also offers learning opportunities in Collection Management Skills Development.

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