Policy development is an important responsibility of the library board. The 7th Edition of the Ontario Public Library Guidelines states: “A library’s policy manual is a written set of statements that form a framework to assist the library staff in making day-to-day decisions. Policies grow out of, and give definition to, the library’s mission in the community, and they provide the basis for consistent operational procedures.”

Responsibility for policies fall both to the Board and the CEO (See OLBA's Cut to the Chase for more info.). Carefully crafted policies empower staff to make decisions and provide the public with consistent and fair service. SOLS provides advice to public libraries on policy development and develops sample policies and policy writing courses for public library staff.

Sample Policies

Sample Policies available for use by public library staff and board members.



Visit LearnHQ for Training or view our Professional Resources page for information related to policy development.


The Professional Resources in Learn HQ has a detailed guide on Policies and Procedures .

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