Find free resources on a diverse range of library topics. The Professional Resources topics from bring together guides, articles, photos, and more for Ontario public library staff. The Professional Resources are maintained by the Southern Ontario Library Service and Ontario Library Service-North

Index to Public Libraries
in Southern Ontario

Library contacts, addresses, websites, and more

Index of Library Building Projects
in Ontario

Our index of recent public library building projects,  including new construction, renovations and additions


Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS) produces a number of publications for the use of client libraries. 

  • For SOLS corporate publications such as our Services plan & Annual reports, see the About SOLS section
  • For Sample policies, please see our Policy section under Advice & Consulting
Governance & Board Development
Library Board Development Kit – Started in 1991 as the Trustee Orientation Kit and updated for every term of the Library Board until 2014, this publication is no longer available in this format.  Please refer to the Governance HUB for current information related to Governance and Board Development.

Focus on First Nation Public Libraries in Ontario: A Resource Document for Chief and Council 
(2012). The purpose of this 4-page brochure is to provide an overview of legislation and governance for First Nation public libraries in Ontario.

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