Other Fee-Based Services

For Organizations

SOLS will deliver material for organizations wishing to distribute their material to libraries on our routes. There is a fee for this service and items must be pre-packaged and labelled with the proper SOLS route identification.

Fee Structure - for 2018 Price Per Item
Envelopes (Letter size) $1.71
Large envelopes and small odd shaped packages $5.01
Boxes (not to exceed 40 lbs) $7.36

Guidelines for using SOLS delivery service

  1. Contact the Delivery Services Supervisor for approval to use the SOLS delivery service.
  2. SOLS drivers do not make special stops to pick up material therefore you must make arrangements with your local library to leave the material, for distribution by the SOLS delivery service, in the library shipping area.
    1. You are responsible for the delivery of the material to libraries not on the SOLS delivery service.
  3. All items must be pre-packaged and labeled with library name and the SOLS route designation. Libraries on SOLS delivery service and the route designations can be found in our Delivery Routes section.
    1. Envelopes should be bundled by route designation.
    2. SOLS delivers to the main branch of a library and the library is responsible for distribution to the branches.
    3. If you are sending envelopes to all branches of a library, it would be appropriate to put them in a box addressed to the main branch.
  4. You must send the Delivery Services Supervisor a notice (either email or on letterhead) providing the following information for invoicing:
    1. The name and address of the organization
    2. A contact person
    3. The number of items sent and the type of package used
    4. The date you left your material at the library for distribution by the SOLS drivers.
  5. SOLS will send your organization an invoice at the end of March, June, September or December.

For Library Jobbers

SOLS has special arrangements with a number of book jobbers (i.e. Library Services Centre, Library Bound, Jack the Bookman) to deliver their new books to the libraries on the SOLS routes. This service is provided to each organization for a fee based on the number of items shipped within the year.

New pricing structure for shipment of material to libraries on SOLS Courier

Price per unit # # of units delivered in 2018
$ 0.265 For the first 250,000
$ 0.215 For the second 250,000
$ 0.185 For anything over 500,000

If you have delivery service questions, please contact Dayna Lintner, Delivery Coordinator.

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