Pooled Collections

What are pools?

Pools are collections of specialized materials such as audio books, large print, DVDs and multilingual books and DVDs. Materials are rotated among participating libraries to provide their users with fresh collections every few months.  Pool membership is open to public libraries willing to contribute an annual membership fee.

Why should my library join?

Membership in a pool enables an individual library to offer a greater variety and quantity of materials at a minimal cost Collections are rotated three to six times a year, providing a steady supply of fresh, popular materials.  Pools provide an opportunity to try new types of resource to determine their viability for your library.

If we do join, do we get any say in the pool materials?

Pools are governed by the membership. Selection committees comprised of representatives from the member libraries choose new materials for the blocks annually. Individual pools have developed their own policies regarding circulation, weeding, lost and damaged items.

What role does SOLS play?

SOLS staff have transferred the administration of the Southern Ontario DVD Pool and The Large Print Pool (TLPP) over to libraries.  SOLS staff will continue to administer the Southern Ontario Multilingual Pool (SOMP) and in this role, orders pool materials, invoices pool members, processes and distributes materials, provides an annual financial statement, maintains pool files and convenes the annual general meeting.

SOLS courier services will continue to be used for the distribution and delivery of all pool items, whether at the time of rotation or distribution of new materials.

Other pools are offered by OLS-North. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.

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