Frequently Asked Questions - Libraries

Which products and services do you pursue for CPAs?

Here’s our list of Collective Purchasing guidelines:

  1. We focus on products in the following areas:
  • Library Suppliers & Services
  • Collections
  • Technology that is useful or unique to libraries, and not discounted elsewhere
  1. We try not to post any offers available elsewhere, especially if offered by the Province of Ontario and/or various not-for-profit groups and networks.  See our list of Other Purchasing Options for more information on other organizations offering product discounts to public libraries.
  2. We pursue products and vendors based on libraries' identified needs. Sometimes we develop CPAs to support purchasing for any special funding made available to libraries.
  3. Vendors must offer better pricing through CPAs than they would provide to individual libraries.


SOLS’ follows the Code of Ethics of the Ontario Public Buyers Association and the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA).


How does SOLS secure better pricing than a library can get on its own?

By referencing the potential purchasing volume of all libraries, we can secure better prices than an individual library could.


How does SOLS pricing tie in with library purchasing policies and the need for competitive selection?

You must check your own purchasing policies passed by your library board to see what is needed.  Your policies may require you to get multiple quotes, and our CPAs can be considered as one of those quotes.


If I need a product or service that is close to but not exactly what is listed on a CPA, can you help me?

While in most cases the offer listed is “as is”, it’s possible that some vendors are flexible. Get in touch with us and together we can see what is possible!


If I need a product or service that isn't listed, what should I do?

Contact Rosanne Renzetti and describe what you are looking for.  If the product follows our guidelines, we will try to secure a CPA.




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