Trillium Public Library: Sample Policies


SOLS staff have created a series of sample policies for use in Ontario public libraries. These policies may be used without prior permission, but we do ask that you adapt each of these to your own situation.

The work started in 2009 as Library Development Guide #4 and since then the policies have been revised time and again to reflect both legislative changes and changes in the Ontario Public Library Guidelines.  We have also created a chart which cross-references these sample Trillium Public Library policies with the requirements of the Ontario Public Library Guidelines. 

Any policies copied for educational and training purposes may be freely used, provided credit is given to the Southern Ontario Library Service.

Foundation Policies

Mission Statement - Policy Number: FN-01

Vision Statement - Policy Number: FN-02

Statement of Values - Policy Number: FN-03

Intellectual Freedom - Policy Number: FN-04, revised January 2018

Respect and Acknowledgement Declaration– Policy Number: FN-05, April 2018


Statement of Authority and Powers of Board - Policy Number: BL-01, revised 2018

Composition of the Board and Terms of Reference - Policy Number: BL-02, revised 2018

Meetings of the Board - Policy Number: BL-03, revised 2018

Amendment of Bylaws - Policy Number: BL-04, revised 2018

Governance Policies

Purpose of the Board - Policy Number: GOV-01, revised May 2014

Board Orientation - Policy Number: GOV-02, revised May 2014

Duties and Responsibilities of Individual Board Members - Policy Number: GOV-03, revised May 2014

Committees of the Board - Policy Number: GOV-04, revised June 2014

Policy Development - Policy Number: GOV-05, revised June 2014

Planning - Policy Number: GOV-06, revised October 2013

Financial Control / Oversight - Policy Number: GOV-07, revised June 2014

Board Advocacy - Policy Number: GOV-08, revised June 2014

Evaluation of the Chief Executive Officer - Policy Number: GOV-09, revised June 2014

Board Training - Policy Number: GOV-10, revised June 2014

Board Evaluation - Policy Number: GOV-11, revised June 2014

Succession Planning - Policy Number: GOV-12, revised June 2014

Delegation of Authority to the CEO - Policy Number: GOV-13

Human Resources

Human Resources Management - Policy Number: HR-01, revised March 2015

Staff Selection and Assignment - Policy Number: HR-02, revised March 2015

Terms and Conditions of Employment - Policy Number: HR-03, revised March 2015

Vacation, Public Holidays and Leave - Policy Number: HR-04, revised March 2015

Compensation - Policy Number: HR-05, revised March 2015

Performance and Discipline - Policy Number: HR-06, revised March 2015

Workplace Harassment and Discrimination - Policy Number: HR-07, revised June 2018

Prevention of Workplace Violence - Policy Number: HR-08, , revised June 2018

Health and Safety - Policy Number: HR-09, , revised June 2018

Use of Technology - Policy Number: HR-10, revised October 2015

Travel Expenses - Policy Number: HR-11, revised March 2015

Staff Use of social media - Policy Number: HR-12 December 2014

Operational Policies

Privacy, Access to Information & Electronic messages under CASL - Policy Number: OP-01 Revised March 2017

Safety, Security and Emergency - Policy Number: OP-2, revised August 2016

Code of Conduct (Public) - Policy Number: OP-03, revised June 2018

Collection Development - Policy Number: OP-04, revised April 2014

Resource Sharing - Policy Number: OP-05, revised February 2018

Programming Policy - Policy Number: OP-06, revised February 2018

Internet Services Policy - Policy Number: OP-07, revised December 2013

Meeting Rooms - Policy Number: OP-08, revised February 2018

Community Information - Policy Number: OP-09 revised September 2014

Children in the Library - Policy Number: OP-10, written 2018

Teens in the Library- Policy Number: OP-11, written 2018

Circulation - Policy Number: OP-12, revised July 2018

Local History - Policy Number: OP-13, revised July 2018

Information Services - Policy Number: OP-14, revised July 2018

Accessibility in the Library - Policy Number: OP-15, June 2018

Library and Political Elections - Policy Number: OP-16, revised April 2018

Records Retention and Schedule - Policy Number: OP-17, updated February 2018

Purchasing - Policy Number: OP-18, written March 2017

Volunteer Policies

Volunteer Program - Policy Number: VOL-01

Recruitment and Assignment - Policy Number: VOL-02

Responsibilities of Volunteers Policy - Policy Number: VOL-03

Fundraising Policies

General Gift Acceptance - Policy Number: FR-01

Administration - Policy Number: FR-02

Partnerships and Sponsorship - Policy Number: FR-03



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