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Welcome to TD Summer Reading Club 2018!

TD Summer Reading Club is Canada’s biggest, bilingual summer reading program for kids of all ages, all interests, and all abilities.  Co-created and delivered by 2,000 public libraries across Canada, this national bilingual program is developed by Toronto Public Library in partnership with Library and Archives Canada. Sponsorship is generously provided by TD Bank Group.

Kids (and their caregivers) can participate anytime, anywhere—at local public libraries across Canada as well as at home, online, on the road or wherever their summer takes them.

Participants explore recommended reads; track their own reading; connect and share with others across the country; read books online; join in activities; collect reading incentives; write jokes, stories and book reviews, and more. There are great resources for kids with print disabilities as well as for pre-readers and their families.

2018 Theme and Illustrator
Our theme for 2018 is all about helping kids find and explore their passions. Here’s the compelling idea section from the creative brief:

  • TD Summer Reading Club 2018: Feed your passions.  What fires your spirit, excites your mind and influences your choices? This summer, TD Summer Reading Club helps kids find and explore their passions, and encourages them to share their delight with others along the way. Through books, programs, and conversations, TD Summer Reading Club kids can dive into areas that already fascinate them, dabble in others for new inspiration and discover that their passions have the potential to transform them, their friends and their world.

We are very pleased to have Anne Villeneuve illustrating the 2018 program. Kevin Sylvester has been hired to write the English feature story. The author of the French feature story will be announced in early January.

The TD Summer Reading Club is a fully accessible program. All participating libraries will receive accessible versions of the materials to distribute to participants with print disabilities from the Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA).

The TD Summer Reading Club staff website (at serves several purposes. It’s a support tool providing all necessary materials for library staff to deliver the program: the complete recommended reads list, activity and program ideas, promotional tips and tools, and much more. Brand components and guidelines will also be available.

  • The kids’ site is equally as important as the print materials, for it allows children to make their own contributions to the Club (by submitting jokes, stories, book reviews, etc.), read online books and track their reading online. 
  • The full website also contains useful tips for parents. We strongly encourage you to use the site yourself, and encourage its use among kids and their families.

Materials available in 2018:

Type 1 - Program materials (to be ordered)

Item A and Item B - Notebooks
The 2018 notebook will be in the same format as the 2017 edition, with updates to include the new theme.  Please note that there will be two versions of the notebook (with different covers)—one for pre-readers (children ages 0-5) and their parents and caregivers, the other for children ages 6-12. The pre-reader version contains information for parents about reading readiness, and the text and reading prompts have been updated throughout, emphasizing the importance of reading together. 

The notebooks will have English in one half and French in the other. 

  • Ordering tips for notebooks: Each child who joins the program receives an age-appropriate notebook at registration. Please order quantities of the pre-reader and school-age notebooks using your previous registration statistics as a guide.

Item C - Web Access Code Sticker
In 2018, the web access codes will be printed on stickers instead of bookmarks, and the notebooks will feature a place for these stickers to be applied. Children will enter their unique access codes on the TD Summer Reading Club website to create their online notebooks, where virtual stickers and books read will be stored. This access code will act as a login, eliminating the need for the child to provide any personal information to set up an account. There will be space in the notebook for the child to record their web access code. This item is bilingual.

  • Ordering tips for Web access code stickers: Each child who joins the program receives a web access code sticker at registration. The quantity of web access code stickers ordered should equal the combined total of pre-reader and school-age notebooks ordered. 

Item D - Sticker Sheets
There will be 12 unique stickers on a perforated sheet. Stickers can distributed as reading incentives, such as each time a child reports an item read. However, flexibility is key! For example, if a family is unable to keep returning to the library to collect stickers over the summer, you may wish to distribute the entire sheet of stickers at registration for the parent or caregiver to administer. 

  • Ordering tips for sticker sheets: Generally you can estimate a sheet of stickers per child registered, but you may wish to increase or decrease based on past experience.

Type 2 - Promotional Materials (to be ordered) 

Item E - Top Recommended Reads
The Top Recommended Reads (10 in English, 10 in French) are back! This brochure will feature those titles, and will also include information for parents (e.g. the importance of summer reading, how to participate, reading tips, TD Summer Reading Club website info). This would be an ideal item to provide to schools for inclusion in year-end report cards, and you may also wish to make quantities available in your libraries as a tool for staff to recommend great reads to families or when describing the club to parents and caregivers. There will be blank space where you can add your library’s information.  This item is bilingual.

  • Ordering tips for Top Recommended Reads : Consider how much outreach to parents your library will be able to achieve and order accordingly. If distributing via schools, orders can be based on student enrolment figures. Order quantities to have on hand at your library as well, to use as described above. 

Items F and G - Kids’ Outreach Item (The Fortune Teller Sheets in English and in French) - We’re bringing the fortune teller back in 2018 with new theme-related fortunes. This item is intended for promotional use before summer starts (e.g. distributed to children during class visits to your library or outreach visits you make in your community), to increase anticipation and excitement about joining the Club. Even with the pre-summer messaging about joining the Club, the playful nature of this item will make it fun for kids all summer long. Therefore, you may opt instead to give one of the fortune tellers to each child at registration.

  • Ordering tips for Fortune Teller Sheets: Decide whether you wish to use this as a promotional tool or as part of the registration package, and order quantities accordingly.  Please note that separate versions will be produced in English (Item F) and French (Item G).


NOTE: Every participating location will be given a package of 11 x 17 promotional posters.  There will be space at the bottom of the poster to add your library’s information.  This item is bilingual (FR on one side, EN on the reverse).  You do not need to order this item as each location will receive a set amount.


NOTE: The deadline for ordering has passed.  

ContactsIf you wish to join the TD Summer Reading Club Listserv (used mostly for delivery and deadline information), go to  For questions and concerns, please contact:   Peggy Malcolm  

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