Products, pricing, and ordering for 2021 Supplemental Licenses are available from Sept. 28 – Nov. 13, 2020.
The following criteria apply to Supplemental Licenses:
  • Pricing must be better than what libraries would pay through individual subscriptions
  • Pricing must be valid for a minimum of one year
  • Vendors must agree to the basic license term guidelines
  • Libraries will place orders directly with SOLS
  • Vendors will bill libraries directly
  • Duplication and competition is allowed - multiple vendors may offer similar products
  • Products negotiated by other consortia (e.g. Consortia Canada) are also posted here 
If you are a vendor interested in participating, please review our Information for E-Resources-Vendors.
For Libraries: Need assistance with choosing products?  Try using the Product List with Evaluation Form.

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The Professional Resources in Learn HQ have a Technology guide with a detailed “E-resources” section, with helpful information on selecting, organizing, managing and providing access to to digital resources.

LearnHQ also offers learning opportunities in Collection Management Skills Development.

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