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License End: December 31, 2021

Vendor: EBSCO

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Rose Barry, Account Executive    

1-800-653-2726 ext. 3743    

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Technical Support:, or 1-800-758-5995

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Flipster is a web-based service and interface for accessing popular magazine subscriptions in digital format. With an easy-to-use, interactive platform, users can browse their favorite magazines – both current and back issues – from today’s top publishers. Flipster users can access the content via web browser, or can download magazines to read offline, anytime, anywhere – within the library, at home and on-the-go.

Flipster currently offers more than 1,400 top magazine titles, including hundreds not available through any other digital magazine platform. New content is added regularly. For a detailed list of titles available please visit:

Usage Model
Flipster subscriptions are offered on an annual, title-level basis. Usage models are predetermined by the publisher, ranging from 20 to 5,000 and unlimited simultaneous users (per issue). However, the vast majority of titles are offered on an unlimited basis.

Why Flipster?
Flipster offers many advantages for sites including:

• No platform fees, allowing the sites to allocate more money towards content
• No hosting or access fees
• Users enjoy a simple sign-on process with seamless user authentication
• Users will never receive any spam
• Flexible subscription terms for administrators
• Wide, growing selection of the most popular titles
• User-friendly interface with simple browsing options
• Complimentary mobile apps for Android, iOS and Kindle Fire
• Ability to download and access digital magazines anytime, anywhere
• Free technical support, training, ongoing maintenance and applications

Type of Access:    

   Remote access; unlimited and limited usage options available

Pricing: Click here to see pricing and trial information



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