SOLS Trustee Councils are:

  • An important communication link between SOLS and library boards about SOLS services
  • A forum for trustees to network, share information and hear how other boards deal with similar issues
  • An opportunity for trustee support and a venue for carrying forward training suggestions
  • A pool of trustees from which to elect members to the SOLS board

Please see our Terms of Reference for more information.  If you want to know which meeting to attend, see our Membership List.

Each council has a discussion list for trustees to share information with each other.

Trustee Council Contacts

Trustee Council 1 - St. Thomas Area - Anne Marie Madziak
Trustee Council 2 - Lincoln Area -  Karen Reid / Rosanne Renzetti
Trustee Council 3 - Hanover Area - Brandon Fratarcangeli
Trustee Council 4 - Gravenhurst Area - Allyson Fox
Trustee Council 5 - Oshawa Area - Barbara Franchetto
Trustee Council 6 - Napanee Area - Alexandra Taylor
Trustee Council 7 - Petawawa Area - Peggy Malcolm
Trustee Council 8 - Ottawa Area -  Peggy Malcolm

Trustee Council meetings are held in April and November. Due to Regional Board Governance Workshops being held in Spring 2019, a brief Trustee Council meeting will be included in the workshops. Find the dates and locations of the upcoming workshops.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact Anne Marie Madziak, Service Development Director